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I would  work in an  Integrative manner.  I would have a lot of knowledge and experience from my studies of both psychology and counselling and would apply all to my practise. 

My general approach would be client centered treating all clients with respect and dignity  and being non judgemental and congruent in my manner. It is important to build up a relationship of trust where a therapeutic alliance is established. I believe in the power of the unconscious and past experiences in shaping current behaviour.  I have worked with clients on dream analysis which has been very powerful in bringing into conscious repressed feelings and memories and has been very effective in dealing with depression. I also use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is effective in getting clients to challenge their present negative irrational thinking and helps overcome anxiety and depression. I would also teach clients breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to help deal with stress and anxiety.  I would also use techniques from transactional analysis, mindfulness and gestalt therapy.

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